About Radmore Farm Shop, Cambridge


In 1937 the Rogers family began farming 'Radmore Farm' in the small village of Litchborough in Northamptonshire. The farm was then, and is still today, a family run business farming mixed livestock and arable.


By 2005, Melvina and David Rogers were farming 500 acres of arable crops, and a herd of large white X landrace pigs, and the decision was made to diversify to allow daughters Kathryn and Vicky, who were born and raised on the farm, into the family business.


A shop was opened on the farm later in 2005 to allow produce from the farm to be sold direct to the public, and a butchery was installed on site so that the family could learn to butcher meat from the farm themselves. The farm also introduced cows and sheep, and a flock of free range chickens for egg-laying.


Vicky and her husband Ben opened Radmore Farm Shop in Cambridge in 2006, initially on Victoria Road, before moving to their new home on Chesterton Road. Ben had always lived in Cambridge and met Vicky while she was studying at Anglia Ruskin. Radmore Farm Shop Cambridge was a way of bringing the countryside into the city.

Ben took the bull by the horns (excuse the pun) with learning butchery and now butchers all the meat on the farm, which is then packaged and sold at the shop. The animals are sent to a local family run abattoir, and received back as carcasses which are then hung to mature for a full flavour. This means any cut is available by special request. Ben also makes over 20 flavours of sausages and 6 types of home-made burgers.


Vicky makes home-made cakes on the farm using eggs laid on the farm and flour from our local mill, which can be seen on sale in the shop.


The shop now sells a full range of produce from other local suppliers and other local farming families, to complement their own farm produce and to give a complete shopping experience.


Ben and Vicky can often be seen in the shop and are happy to answer any questions you may have, and talk about the farm, or the origins of any of the other high quality produce they sell. The knowledgeable team of local staff, and other family members who work in the shop can also help with any queries you have.


Ben has recently started doing a local delivery round each week also, so why not place your order online on this site and have your shopping delivered straight to your door. Click here to start shopping.


The Farm Shops are open 7 days a week! Monday- Saturday 10am-6:30pm and Sunday 11am-4pm.









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